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Day of the Tentacle, yet another great LucasArts classic that's been remastered by Double Fine Productions. Day of the Tentacle is actualy a sequel to a game called Maniac Mansion, which is probably lesser known than this Point-and-Click-Adventure gem.

Day of the Tentacle


Before I continue my talk about Day of the Tentacle, I'll tell you a bit about Maniac Mansion, as it is the root of this story.

Maniac Mansion is a horror/B-movie parody with all the right ingredients: a pretty kidnapped girl, a secret lab, a mad scientist, weird mutant sidekicks and of course the hero boyfriend and his posse that will set out to save the girl!


Important Characters

The following characters will play an important role in DOTT (Day of the Tentacle)

  • The maniac of the mansion, no other than the mad scientist, Dr. Fred Edison.
  • Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle, the mutant sidekicks of Dr. Fred. Green is actually an aspiring rocknroll musician, while Purple is Doctor Fred's lab assistant.
  • And last but not least, Bernard Bernoulli, an extremely coward nerd

Now we can continue about DOTT.


As the title already reveals, this game is about two tentacles, Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle. Strangely enough they lead their own life detached from squids or octopi. And as mentioned in the backstory section, Purple Tentacle is Dr. Fred's lab assistant and most likely created by him.

One day Purple Tentacle decides to go to the by Dr. Fred's lab polluted river and drink from it's Toxic sludge. Green Tentacle tried stoping him, but Purple is just too thirsty! The effect of the sludge allows him to grow a pair of short flipper arms, become super intelligent and his mind becomes corrupted by evil world domination plans.

Not even doctor Fred could've suspected this!

Day of the Tentacle

The frightened Green Tentacle sends a request for help to his old friend the cowardice nerd, Bernard, who now lives together with his friends Hoagie and Laverne. Hoagie, a rocknroll roadie and Lavern, a slightly disturbing medical student and Bernard, the kind of cliché cowardly nerd all go over to Dr. Fred's Mansion. There they end up being send back in time to save the world from purple tentacle, but not all goes as planned and they end up being separated.

Day of the Tentacle

What to expect?

A humorous co-operative cross-time adventure game with a crazy power frenzy mutant tentacle that plans for world domination! What could be better? It is funny, has witty jokes, has time travel, a very cartoony vibe and some of America's most famous historical figures doing guest appearances! Plus, you have three protagonists that have to work together across time to solve this all.

Day of the Tentacle

Give me a clue

Overall, the game is very playable, not like myst where some parts where extremely difficult. Although there are some pretty difficult puzzles to solve. But sometimes your logic just might need to take a step back in time. Or was it jump forward?


The remastered version looks as stunning as ever! And the cartoony vibe really is a good fit to the whole DOTT concept and with the kind of humor they have going on. It is a game approachable for practically everyone that wants to play it. Double Fine Productions really made this one shine again!

Day of the Tentacle

Play it now!

The remastered game is available on steam,, the apple store and the Playstation store. Although you probably might find it on other places too, these are the most common ones.

So if you haven't played it yet, go grab your copy!

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