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Another trip down on memory lane brings me to this Point-and-Click-Adventure game called Torin's Passage. This game was published by Sierra Entertainment back in 1995.


Torin's Passage is a game suited for the entire family. Which is quite special because the game designer is none other than Al Lowe. Al Lowe is mostly known for his light erotic themed game series of Leisure Suit Larry.

The adventure of Torin takes place on the planet Strata. A planet that consists out of different layers, you could call them inner planets.

Torin's passage

Torin, the lead character of the game, is a farmer's son. And he's living together with his parents and his dog on the most outer part of the planet. Until one day an evil sorceress named Lycentia captures his parents.

That immediately sets the quest to rescue his parents in motion.

So as Torin makes his way downward to the other layers, scenes of both his and Lycentia's pasts reveals their true relation as well as Torin learning about his true identity and the true cause for his journey.

What to expect?

An extraterrestrial adventure with weirdness written all over it! And if that wasn't enough, it's also one of the quirkiest games I've played up until now.

Also, every layer of the planet is a new kind of strange with many different sorts of characters to help you or block you on your way. You might even see some famous appearances if you really pay attention to it.

What a joke

If you don't know Al Lowe, the game designer/developer I mentioned earlier, I can at least tell you this: You will either love or hate the jokes and punchlines in this game. Because it really drips of Al Lowe's type of humor. Which goes without saying, I am a huge fan of that humor.

Torin's passage

Damnit I'm stuck!

The game's puzzles and riddles come in various sorts and levels. And a nice extra is that your dog also has a set of skills you can use. Boogle (aka the dog) can morph into various items!

But if you do feel stuck, there's always the in-game hinting system to your rescue.


The game is very cartoony but overall it has that typical Sierra feel. Or maybe it's all Al Lowe.

Torin's passag

Let's play!

So now that I have told you most things without spoiling too much (I hope), there's only one thing left: PLAY! Like most games these days, you can find the dos version marked as abandonware and The Windows version can be found on Unfortunately, I haven't found a version playable on Mac or Linux. Unless you have a virtual Windows or something... If you still own the original game, which I do, (Yay for me!) you can probably try DOSBox or maybe another emulator.

(Other solutions are always welcome)

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