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  • Board Game Review: Coimbra

    Posted on: board games

    You may have heard about a city in Portugal, named Coimbra. Well, this game has nothing to do with it, at least not really. It is the age of…

  • Board Game Review: Yamataï

    Posted on: board games

    Yamataï is a strategical board game where the players have to build the most beautiful capital in order to please Queen Himiko, read more about it on

  • Board Game Review: Fungi / Morels

    Posted on: board games

    Fungi/Morels is a 2-player card game about collecting and cooking savoury mushrooms in order to score flavor points, read more about it on

  • Board Game Review: Machi Koro The Harbor

    Posted on: board games

    Machi Koro: The Harbor is the first expansion of the city builder card game that can be played up to 5 players. In this review you will learn if it's worth to buy the expansion and why. Read the full article on

  • Board Game Review: Machi Koro

    Posted on: board games

    Machi Koro is a city builder card game for 2 to 4 players with very nice graphics. Read the full review /playguide, written from a personal persective here on

  • Board Game Review: Thurn Und Taxis

    Posted on: board games

    A board game review / playguide for Thurn und taxis. A board game where you have build an effective postal network by connecting cities in the region of Bavaria.

  • Board Game Review: Machiavelli / Citadels

    Posted on: board games

    Machiavelli aka Citadels is a medieval themed card game where eight different characters/professions help you build your town. This board game review, will explain how the game is played and all its different parts.

  • Board Game Review: Ticket To Ride

    Posted on: board games

    Connect all the important American cities by claiming train routes. This Ticket To Ride board game review shows you how to play the game and what to expect of it.

  • Board Game Review: Carcassonne

    Posted on: board games

    Carcassonne is a true classic amongst board games that is very easy to start with. This board game review will tell you how to play the game, so it also functions as an initial playguide

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